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Well Woman Project Summer Retreat

  • Sagrada Wellness Center 6780 West Pozo Road Santa Margarita, CA, 93453 United States (map)

Ayurvedic Assessment and Counseling

For an extra fee

According to Ayurveda, each of us has a unique mix of three mind and body principles, which create our unique mental and physical characteristics.  These three principles are called dosas.  Your constitution influences your physiology: your likes your dislikes, your tendencies and habits, your mental and emotional character, and your vulnerabilities toward imblnce and disease.  In this assessment we will discover the current state of balance or imbalance present in your system.  You will get a personalized set of recommendations and I will provide resources tailored to your specific needs.  We will celebrate who you are from an Ayurvedic perspective , and ultimately support you in your pursuit of optimal health.  To receive an assessment you should attend a brief 30 minute talk on Ayurveda upon arrival  Friday evening before receiving your appointment.

Later Event: August 3
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