I am an RYT 500 certified yoga instructor based in San Luis Obispo, California.

I founded Nourish By Victoria with the emphasis on nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. Through yoga, Ayurveda, and nutritional guidance I promote a balanced spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.

"I was first exposed to yoga at the age of six at a Montessori School where I grew up in Scottsdale AZ. Through my young adult life, I continued to be exposed to yoga and it seemed that yoga was always manifesting stability and joy. I began my training when I was 23 after injuring my back on the Fire Department. I started my focus on Kripalu and Iyengar yoga. Through this fullness and healing I continued my yogic journey seeking out workshops throughout Arizona and California where I was able to gain a depth of understanding and experience that I live for sharing now. I completed my 200 hour RYT with YogaWorks here at the Yoga Center in San Luis Obispo with Malachi Melville and Greville Henwood in 2010.

I continued my 300 hour training with Master Ayurveda teacher James Bailey, founder of Sevanti Institute, and Peter Sterios at Levity Yoga in 2016. Even though my yoga journey has included hundreds of hours seminars, teacher trainings, and workshops, what sets me apart from other teachers is my ability to connect with individual students and help them discover their own path to the benefits of yoga and Ayurveda. Part of my advanced teacher training took me to India, where I experienced a deep and profound personal healing through Ayurvedic treatment.   Immersing myself in the culture where yoga was born was life changing. There I discovered the truth, that I am the light and the love that I was seeking. My mission is to help others find this knowing for themselves.   

My drive to nourish and care centers around my family.  I want to foster a feeling of safety and fun that allows open communication, creative expression, and community.  With three active children, jobs, careers, and passions for various pursuits, our lifestyle can get very hectic.  Providing good food, a loving environment, and a home for my family is what I live for. Nourish by Victoria is an extension of that desire to provide warmth, care and love to my community.

I was naturally drawn to yoga for the sense of peace, calming, healing, and belonging it brought to my spirit since childhood. I enjoy teaching and practicing strong, vinyasa flow style Yoga classes as well as blissful restorative ones. I share my passion for life and joy by sharing yoga with spirits of all ages."

Come Flow with Me,

Victoria Kromhout



Victoria is an amazing yoga teacher! Her energy is inspiring, grounding and loving. Her verbal prompts help me to align my body in poses accurately and are timed perfectly. Her cues about using breath and feeling the changes in ones body as it responds to breath are always right on. Victoria’s teaching style is supportive of new practitioners while allowing those with more experience to develop further and push their limits. Attending classes for a year, I have seen my strength, flexibility and balance improve significantly.
Victoria is not only a great yoga teacher and nutritional consultant but also a great person and friend. To know her is to love her. And to know her is to feel cared for and connected to making your body and the world a more healthy place. Her openness, strength, and vulnerability are a powerful combination that make you want to work harder and commit more to your own practice
— HEIDI HARMON Mayor of San Luis Obispo
Victoria’s teaching style is so hands on and nurturing. I love how she blends such a challenging workout with some of the theory about the positions. Thanks Vic—your Tuesday class is a foundation of my practice now.
Not only is Victoria the best yoga teacher, she also has an amazing soul. She is a kindhearted woman who is very passionate about teaching. Victoria is the reason my practice has blossomed. She has positively influenced me to pursue yoga as a career, I can only hope to touch as many lives as she has.
The gratitude I have for Victoria is deep. Each of her classes brings me some form of growth, achievement or fulfillment. Her compassion and love radiates throughout her teaching. I naturally find myself in a state of vulnerability and empowerment while I practice under her guidance. It is true peace. Being a yoga teacher myself, I continuously find inspiration and revelation in my own practice class after class. What I value most about Victoria is her transparency and honesty as an instructor. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve found understanding. I will continue to follow Victoria’s path as a teacher one breath and one posture at a time.
Victoria is someone who opens her heart to others - and does so out of genuine kindness. As a new member to yoga, I felt instantly comfortable in her classes and a sense of self love that was also quite new for me. Fast forward to a year later, and I was engaged and planning a very stressful day. Victoria offered to help me set an intention for the ceremony to remain calm and focused on what truly mattered. Having my Mom, closest friends and her practice yoga together the morning of truly meant the world to me. Many of our wedding guests have asked how my Mom and I were so relaxed and happy that day - and I know yoga played a key role. I will always be grateful to Victoria for this gift and highly recommend her to any bride or individual seeking inner peace.
As a new to yoga participant I have felt intimidated at times by my lack of experience & flexibility. Through Victoria’s gentle guidance I was able to completely relax, be myself & surrender to the moment. I felt so supported, accepted & nurtured by Victoria. She radiates love, enthusiasm & pure delight from her soul, Namaste.
I have been taking Victoria’s classes for over 6 months now and she is amazing! So great that I now tailor my personal workout schedule around her Thursday classes. Her classes are a great combination of challenge and centering, I always love the way I feel when leaving! Most importantly, Victoria is an absolute pleasure to be around! She has an amazing personality and you can tell she really cares about all of her students. I look forward to many more of her classes!