Connect to your deepest most loving center surrounded by those who love and support you through the practice of yoga on the morning of your wedding. Start your day by building a foundation of honest, patient communication with yourself so you can carry these values into your wedding day and throughout your marriage.

Celebrate your day with loved ones and guests by offering a community yoga class  to move their bodies after long day of travel, create an environment to calm nerves, or for them to enjoy while you prepare for your special day.  


Community yoga is also offered to restore the next day from the big day's events.


All sessions include meditation, personalized yoga sequence, and breath work and can be customized to meet your request.

Choose from active power sequencing, flowing vinyasa, or relaxing and restorative or customize the session to include both! 


P R E – W E D D I N G  D A Y

4 week series

 Weeks/days before the wedding private or group packages

Meditation, custom sequencing, breath work, and nutritional guidance

Destress Wine and Yoga Detoxify Juice and Yoga DevelopTrust PartnerYoga 



W E D D I N G   D A Y  B L I S S

Begin your day with the peaceful practice of breath (pranayama), asana (movement), and meditation (dhyana)

Newlywed Yoga

Partner yoga sequence to build foundation of trust and playfulness with your love


Bridal Party Connection

Bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, family, or friends

Enjoyed with candles, custom playlists, essential oils, and luxurious eye pillows


Grooms Get Centered 

Strong Vinyasa, Hatha, or restorative offerings

Custom playlist, essential oils, and sandbags for grounding



P O S T – W E D D I N G

Help renew and restore your body and mind after the big days events

Enjoy community yoga with family and guests before your morning, after brunch



A D D I T I O N S  &  AC C O U T R E M E N T S

Custom embroidered eye pillows (allow advance notice for customizing)

Aromatherapy - choose from essential oil, incense, palo santo, or sage


Bridal Yoga